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Helping you achieve radiant health & well-being with lasting results using ancient wisdom and modern medicine.

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At Japanese Acupuncture in Phoenix, Arizona, our goal is to help you achieve optimal health & well-being with lasting results. During your visit, you are given the highest quality care and attention.

Frank wants to see everyone happy, healthy and their vibrant selves. Unfortunately, during our lives, there are many ways we can get out of balance. There are environmental factors, genetic predispositions, disease, illness, as well as mind and emotional factors that take away our innate vibrancy.

Frank uses various methods to assemble a picture of your background and medical history. The intake form is a primary method. You’re able to fill this out online in the comfort of your home before your visit, or in the clinic when you come in. It takes approximately 10 minutes. Please be as truthful, honest and as thorough as possible as this will only help Frank treat you. Frank also asks you questions, get’s to know you, and performs various tests to diagnose you.

After a thorough diagnosis, he will use direct acupuncture procedures and treatment to restore balance and harmony to your body and mind. All throughout the treatment, Frank is assembling direct verbal as well as nonverbal feedback from you and your body to determine effectiveness and direction. After the procedure, if there are any Chinese medicines or herbs that may help you beyond the in-office treatment, he will recommend them at that time.

Of course, any time that you are able to give can be beneficial toward your treatment. But people generally respond best when they are able to come in with a certain level of regularly without long gaps in between visits.

We do hope that you acupuncture a try. To your health and happiness! Sign Up Today!


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